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What Does It Take To Be Truly, Deeply Happy?

Is it reaching financial security?

Is it having professional achievements?

Or is it something more meaningful altogether?

When we take the time to reflect on the quality of our lives, what do we see?

Do we feel intense love and support in our families?

Do we get a sense of joy and camaraderie in our friendships?

Do we feel respected and admired by our professional peers?

Or is there a space that needs to be filled?

Based on the longest ever study conducted on life satisfaction, the depth and number of meaningful relationships we form are the greatest indicators of our happiness.

Over the course of 75 years, the findings of the Grant Study by Harvard Medical School have become clear:

“Happiness is love. Full stop.”

The questions then remain: Are we truly, deeply happy right now…?

Or are we feeling isolated and lonely?

Are we able to give and receive love freely…?

Or is our past relationship trauma getting in the way?

It’s time to finally break free of our negative beliefs and create the relationships we deserve.

It’s time to have better connections with ourselves, our partners, our friends, and everyone else in between.

What if we could hit the reset button and clear our subconscious of outdated beliefs about love?

What if we could overcome the pain and betrayal we experienced with others in the past?

Imagine a life full of exhilarating relationships that nurture us, satisfy us, and fulfill us.

A life where everyone makes us better, and we’re able to do the same.

A life where we always feel safe, connected, and loved.

That life is ours for the taking.

The first step is to uncover and understand our negative beliefs about relationships.

The second step is to replace them with powerful mental frameworks that help us unlock connections that last.

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What Does It Mean To Have Deeply Satisfying Relationships?

It means no longer settling for second best—and finally accepting the love we deserve.

It means forming connections wholeheartedly—without letting our past pain dictate the process.

It means creating extraordinary relationships for life—and transforming ourselves for the better as a result.

The 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge with Marisa Peer was created for people like us—people who are ready to forge better bonds with themselves and with their loved ones.

Join the challenge today and begin the journey towards a life-changing experience like no other.
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How the Challenge Works

Over the next three weeks, Marisa will personally guide challenge participants on an unstoppable path to uncover the deep-rooted limiting beliefs that are preventing them from forming deeper, more meaningful connections. She will then show them how to replace these with new, empowering beliefs that will allow participants to create the ideal relationships they desire.

Each day brings access to a new video and activity from Marisa. This is different from a typical course in which participants listen and learn; this is about taking action and making a change.

To maximize transformation as much as possible, we’ve put together something special and unique to guide participants every step of the way.

What’s in the Challenge?

More than 24 video trainings and four intro videos from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
Four NICER meditations ($98 value)
Four hypnotic audios ($98 value)
One root cause meditation ($49 value)
Three Pre-Recorded Q&A calls ($697 value)
A thriving community ready to help you along this path (invaluable)
Total Value:

Now, while the total value of this challenge is $1,239, potential participants won’t be paying anything near that amount today. We are offering this for only a fraction of the normal investment because we want to make this accessible and charge just enough to cover the production costs.

This is our own way of giving back to create extraordinary change for as many people as possible.

🎁 Join the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge now for just $99

So if you're ready to finally claim the meaningful relationships and connections you deserve, enroll here:
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I Want Daily Training, Coaching, And Accountability, From Day 1 To Day 21

Hi, I'm Marisa

Over the past 30 years, I have worked with thousands of people across all walks of life to help them gain freedom from overeating and live the life they DESERVE.

I’ve helped people struggling with previous relationship trauma and low self-esteem to gain freedom from self-sabotage, self-criticism, and self-doubt so they can create their dream relationships—from single parents, cleaners, and teachers all the way to CEOs, Hollywood movie stars, and royalty.

One of the most common issues people face is the belief that they are not enough.

For this reason, I decided to create this challenge to help everyone clear their limiting beliefs, realize with unshakable certainty that they are enough, and finally experience the extraordinary love, connection, and relationships they deserve.

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What Leading Figures Have Said About Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer - Vishen Lakhiani Testimonial

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO of Mindvalley

“Marisa Peer is an extraordinary individual who has helped people with problems have profound breakthroughs in personal growth very quickly. She is one of the most powerful transformers of human belief I have ever come across.
Marisa Peer - Ryan Levescque Testimonial

Ryan Levesque

CEO of The ASK Method Company

“​I don't consider myself to be "woo-woo" or someone who is easily "swayed" into simply believing something works... But what I experienced in that room with Marisa changed my life — in just minutes.

She helped me uncover a massive “block” that I realize now has been holding me back, and just days removed from working with her — I've already seen massive (positive) changes in my relationship with my wife, my children, and my employees.

THANK YOU, Marisa. I was skeptical before meeting you, but what I've experienced is unmistakably real.”
Marisa Peer - Claudia Rosencrantz Testimonial

Claudia Rosencrantz

Former Controller Of 
Entertainment at ITV

“​​Marisa Peer changed my life and I have referred hundreds of people to her including international celebrities. Because of my high regard for her brilliant ability to change people’s lives, I gave her a significant role on television where she worked with ten celebrities over a four-month period and achieved extraordinary results.

She is internationally considered to be the best in her field and people all over the world seek her help. She’s the only professional I know of who has the ability to help such a wide assortment of problems and achieve dramatic and lifelong changes.”
Marisa has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to overcome their challenges and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. She has built her 30-year career working with clients from all walks of life—from school teachers and single parents to Hollywood stars, CEOS, athletes, entrepreneurs, and even royalty—to help them overcome even their most deep-rooted issues.

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Explore the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge Curriculum

The 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge is not just a course where participants simply listen and learn.

It was specifically designed to be very actionable from the start.

Participants won’t just learn something; they’ll do something.

As part of the challenge, participants will join a supportive community of other challenge-takers to hold each other accountable.

Many of the exercises in the challenges require working with an accountability buddy—and we will show how to get a buddy at the start of the challenge.

After three weeks of taking action, participants may begin to feel the powerful results of the challenge, finally on the path to freedom from the limiting beliefs that have prevented them from forming deeper, lasting connections for so long.

Previous challenge-takers have told us their attitudes about love have started to change... and their hesitancy started to fade away.

Very quickly, their friends said they noticed something different about them, that they looked happier and more like themselves.

Participants can follow in their footsteps and accelerate toward their relationship goals without limiting themselves by fear of rejection or fear of disconnection.

All because they took the effort to overcome their old, limiting beliefs and install new, empowering ones.

Based on her three-decade-long career, Marisa will share the most powerful and transformative techniques she has discovered to help people overcome negative beliefs about love, unlock phenomenal confidence, and create the most fulfilling connections they’ve had in their lives.

There are 21 days, starting next Monday...

And the time to make a decision is now.
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Get Daily Training, Coaching, And Accountability, From Day 1 To Day 21

This Challenge Is Not For Everyone

When Marisa created this challenge, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary course.

It is structured differently, it is taught differently, and the experience of it will be different too.

This challenge would not be the best fit for people who are not interested in changing their lives for the better.

This 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge is for action takers who feel that their time has come—the time to create the relationships they’ve always wanted.

This is for those who want to rewire their minds for good, letting only empowering beliefs guide them to form rewarding, meaningful connections.

Be it in their careers...

Their families…

Their friendships...

Or even in their romantic relationships.

Tired of watching and not doing? This challenge holds participants accountable to make sure they finally do the things they said they’re going to do but never had the time for.

Three weeks is all it takes.

Transform yourself and start creating the relationships you deserve before the end of next month.
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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 21

Here’s What Other Students Had to Say About Marisa’s Programs

Marisa's program have been transforming the lives of people all over the world

“Great results so far”

“I am noticing an ease with going out and meeting people and a willingness to move through hard stuff without getting down on myself for days like I used to. These products work. Thank you. I have had more quality options for partners to show up and sort themselves out than I ever have before. I know I want a healthy relationship and I deserve a loving partner. Thank you”

Kelly J

“I’m growing”

“I’m less shy or concerned about my flaws. I'm more patient, express my love and gratitude even more openly, I do less explaining myself to people because I assume they already love and trust me. I’m definitely doing something amazing. I’m working out. I’m singing live. I’m opening up myself and my home to help more people. I’m doing way better and more.”

Christine D

“My Loving Relationship”

“I enjoy the audio every day and every night.It makes me realize how much I neglected myself in the past. Now I love myself and know that I am such a loveable person that is why I’m attracting a loveable partner. I can’t wait till I meet him!”



Marisa Peer - Michele Laurent Testimonial
Deborah P

“Attract your perfect relationship”

“Very good. I actually felt a shift within myself after years of not having much luck with relationships.”
Marisa Peer - Merete Karlsen Testimonial

“Great help!”

“Before everything I want to say thanks to Marisa Peer. In the beginning I did not see any changes but after 21 days I started to see changes. I am more happy and enjoying the present moment, it has also helped my self-esteem, to be more honest with myself and the opposite sex and to know what I would like in a partner. I recommend listening to it day at night for 30 days and not less.”
Marisa Peer - Raheemah Odusote Testimonial
Sara T

“I love this audio!”

“Since I started this journey I feel I have found more love and joy in my life and I think it was a great investment. I use the audios also when I am feeling sad and discouraged and they help me get my hope back :)”
Marisa Peer - Dewdrop Shaheena Testimonial


"I’m significantly more confident and I actually keep looking forward to conquering real life situations that I would have normally tried to avoid in the past because of lack of confidence. Now I’m more like ‘bring it on!’”
Marisa Peer - Diane B Testimonial

“Feel more emboldened”

"I found myself tentatively speaking to an attractive member of the opposite sex in a restaurant where I likely wouldn't have before, and finding somewhat positive results, feel more emboldened…"
Marisa Peer - Germaine Nirere Testimonial
Crystal L. Butcher

“I’m thinking better thoughts!”

"I’m definitely noticing that I’m thinking better thoughts! I’m worthy of love, health and wealth! These phrases now run through my brain instead of old negative wiring. I can’t wait to see what happens in time."

Why Now Is the Time To Create Extraordinary Relationships That Last

As the popular Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. The second best time is now.”

With our rapidly changing world, we are now in a unique position to choose two things...

To survive or to thrive.

For those that have read this far, it suggests that they choose to thrive...

To rise above self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and unrealized success...

To commit to forming deeper connections with the people in their lives...

To risk rejection in the moment in order to find love that truly lasts…

To create the relationships they know they deserve—no matter what life throws in their way.

It’s time to ask:

“If not now, when?”

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I Want Daily Training, Coaching, And Accountability, From Day 1 To Day 21

What’s in the Challenge:

More than 24 video trainings and four intro videos from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
Four NICER meditations ($98 value)
Four hypnotic audios ($98 value)
One root cause meditation ($49 value)
Three Pre-Recorded Q&A calls ($697 value)
A thriving community ready to help you along this path (invaluable)
Total Value:

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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 21

You're Protected With Our Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee For 10 Days

$99 might be a big commitment for you. You might not be sure that this program will work.

You might not know if your challenges are solvable with an online program. That’s understandable.

We are so confident in the power of this challenge and what it could do for you that you will receive a “peace of mind” guarantee.

If you don't notice a significant difference in the way you think, the way you feel, and in the rest of your life over the first 10 days (after joining and starting the program), then you’ll receive a full, 100% refund on the challenge.

Join today and get started with the program—the guarantee will automatically apply.

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Add the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge to the cart using the button below and complete enrollment on our safe, secure, encrypted checkout.

Receive the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge access via email on Monday. Proceed to log in to the Marisa Peer members’ area.

Access the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge conveniently and begin the transformation to an unstoppable way of life!


How is the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge different from affirmations, NLP, or meditation?
The 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge is based on Marisa’s own unique method of hypnotherapy. This method goes beyond traditional hypnosis, meditation, and NLP to get to the root cause of limiting beliefs, which helps participants uncover, overcome, and replace them for powerful, lasting change.
How long will it take to get results?
This challenge has the power to deliver amazing results. By listening to the audios, watching the videos, and taking the actions each day, our challenge-takers experience a difference and see noticeable results by the end of the 21 days (results are not typical).
How much time do I need to commit?
There’s no need to put in endless hours of work. Even just setting aside 20 minutes per day is enough to watch the videos and listen to the audios.
How do the audio recordings work?
The mind learns by repetition, so by repeatedly listening to the powerful words and messages of the audios, our minds can rewire for success.
Can the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge improve my life?
As humans, we all want the same things—safety, connection, fulfillment, and love. This challenge helps reinstall the beliefs that make them a reality. Marisa put everything she’s learned and studied through her three-decade-long career into the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge, helping participants create the extraordinary relationships they’ve always wanted.
What happens if it’s not for me?
We want everyone to feel secure and confident in their purchase, so every student is eligible for a 10-day money-back guarantee. If the program doesn’t meet expectations in any way at all, we will refund you in full. Just remember that millions of people have tried Marisa’s programs and loved them, so there’s a high chance this experience will be the same.

Ready to create the relationships you deserve?

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What’s in the Challenge:

More than 24 video trainings and four intro videos from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
Four NICER meditations ($98 value)
Four hypnotic audios ($98 value)
One root cause meditation ($49 value)
Three Pre-Recorded Q&A calls ($697 value)
A thriving community ready to help you along this path (invaluable)
Total Value:

🎁 Join the 21-Day Meaningful Relationships Challenge Today for Only $99

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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 21
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Root-cause therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person's present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in root-cause therapy if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.

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